Recent Updates

  1. GSM Modem Based Project Now you can also find the projects based on GSM modem, which can make you crazy about communication system... read more...
  2. Smart Card Based Project Using smart card you can make very interesting projects for security systems, attendance systems and many more... read more...
  3. Biometric Sensor Based Project Thumb Impression module can be used in your project to give that an extra edge of security ... read more...

A Motivation to Student from Science Hobby Center

Why are you going to purchase a Project You can make all the projects if you have a little true interest in "Science" and when we are here to support you to develop yourself. So go ahead and develop a scientist within you. Come and share the idea with us we will help you to make your idea into reality. For your problem we will provide you :-

  • Solution to the problem
  • Component to develop your idea
  • Technology to bring your dream into reality

About Us


Science Hobby Center has been inaugurated in 13 November 1988. The centre was started by Mr. Kaushal Kumar with an idea that when any student is going to develop a project he/she faces many problems like "How" "What" and "Why" should he do, and he/she shy to contact his/her teacher as they think that teacher will not help or teacher doesn't know, we will be there to give the answer of all his/her "How" "What" and "Why" and let him know that teachers are not bad, we will be there to motivate the students to contact their teachers and develop the project, we will be there to know the students that their teacher can really help them. We never just try to sale the project but main vision of our team is to motivate the student to develop a scientist within their soul and help him to bring their dream project into reality. For this as we cannot do everything but we can still do something, and for what we can do we never say NO!. This Science Hobby Center Given Best Result in the science projects with full satisfaction.


We also run Hobby Clubs with association with school to develop extra scientific knowledge and skill in the students of that school. The hobby club Includes:-

  • Knowledge of Scientific Phenomena with experimental and modeling technique
  • Knowledge of basic electronics for skill development
  • training to use their knowledge to develop their dream project








Our Brands


PROMA This is the oldest brand of Science Hobby Center, it refers to Project Master, which is a vast helpdesk for project development by the students who have the spark to do the project by own.


ELHOC this refers to Electronic Hobby Club which works for the electronics development through developing the craziness about the field and give training to the students to do so.


KITSCO This brand deals with the kits, components, tools etc for pre-developed or new projects which may a student want to do him/herself. We provide fully tested development kits for our projects so student will not need to worry about successful implementation of that one.


EPL "Electronics Project Lab" is the research section of our group we have very dedicated and well experienced team of developers to challenge the challenges comes to us and have sufficient capability to defeat that challenge.